Our New Flock of Chicks

First Chickens DSC_0719
My first little flock of chickens in 2013: Minnie Pearl, Marilyn, Brigitta, Scarlett, Vulture, Oprah, Miley, and Beatrice.


1-Photo Jun 01 11 13 01 AM sm
Me & Minnie Pearl in 2014

I got my first flock of chickens in the late fall of 2013 when we bought our little farmette. At the time, the goal was to have an abundant supply of free range, organic eggs from hens who enjoyed their lives.  Little did I know how very endearing and charismatic these quirky little girls are.   They have layed hundreds of eggs for me in a rainbow of colors from white to chocolate brown to olive and blue.  And I fell in love with them.Unfortunately, chickens, particularly chickens who go on walkabout on warm, summer days and who enjoy slug and worm hunting when it rains, also fall victim to all manner of predators — hawks, barn cats, foxes, raccoons, coyotes, foxes, and more.  It is extremely heartbreaking to lose them.

I still have two hens from my very first flock, my Ameraucana, Brigitta, and my black Australorp, Vulture.  They will be five years old soon.  Last week, we just got six new additions to the flock, four little Ameraucanas, a pearl white Leghorn, and something new for me, a Wellsummer (who will lay speckled brown eggs).

So, I’d like to introduce Bianca, Lavender, Poppy, Marigold, Nutmeg and Clover.  (I am struggling to differentiate between Nutmeg and Clover, but I’ll figure it out eventually.)


One thought on “Our New Flock of Chicks

  1. The new girls are so beautiful. Love the photo of them perched on a ladder. May they live long and healthy lives!

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