About Erika and About This Blog

Blogging is one of the most self-indulgent pastimes, and this one is no exception.  Despite everything else I do and like, including my career, I still believe myself to be, first and foremost, a writer.  This blog is about my writing.  Well, it’s more than that. It’s about my endless opinions.

I write about things that matter to me.  I love animals.  I love them more than many people I have known. I love children, especially my own, and I also love my family and my friends.  I love nature, wildlife and the blessed experience we have been gifted on this wondrous planet.  I love photography.  I love cooking, exercise, and nutrition.  I love words and languages and reading.  And I think people should spend more time thinking about things that matter.

I think internal human events are more interesting and important than external events.

I hate liars. I hate cruelty. I hate injustices. I hate hypocrisy.  I hate being taken for granted.  I think we all hate these things, so I write about them, too.

I have a deplorable excess of opinions.  If I blog them, you can always choose not to read.

By the way, all the text and photos appearing in these pages are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without expressed, written permission.