60 Days…Day 11

I neither exercised nor weighed myself today.  Instead, I cleaned the house and got ready to ship Palomo down to Jamie in Florida for training and to be sold.  He leaves early tomorrow morning.  I am sad, but we need to make some changes.

I was interviewed yesterday by Cole Lauterbach at the Illinois News Network, mostly for radio spots, but there is a print version online here: https://www.ilnews.org/news/justice/new-illinois-divorce-law-would-give-pet-custody-to-better/article_d51fc1c4-e0fb-11e7-b083-cb3fcf9279f8.html

Unfortunately, he described me as an “animal rights advocate,” which I am not.  There is an extremely large and important difference between animal rights and animal welfare.  The animal rights industry does not support animal ownership.  They believe extinction is preferable to captive breeding programs.  And they support the end to domesticated animals.  I share none of those views.  I do believe that animals should be treated at all times humanely and that people who mistreat or neglect animals should be prosecuted to the maximum possible degree.

I don’t feel chatty today, so instead I will share some images with you of the Sloughis getting ready for Christmas at home today.  (Really, they are just enjoying themselves and relaxing.)


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