Vulture & Chickens on Memorial Day

Vulture is readying herself to leave us.  I am very sad about this. She and Briggi are my last two remaining hens from my very first flock in 2013.

All this year she has been showing signs of her advancing age.  This spring, Briggi recommenced the laying of eggs just as she always has.  Vulture went into “henopause.”  She laid a handful of eggs earlier in the season, but nothing since.  In recent weeks, she stopped seeking high places to roost for the night, prefering to sleep in a nesting box or hidden under a shelf.  This morning, she showed symptoms of a stroke.  Her left wing and foot are not functioning properly and are drooping.

She spent a little time in the grass with Briggi, her lifelong friend, and she is now resting comfortably in a hay nest I made for her in a quiet corner of a stall in the barn.  I don’t think she has much time now.  She will be missed and I regret that I have never been able to capture the irridescent green luster on her glossy black feathers.

The young pullets are doing very well and they spent their Memorial Day outdoors in the grass and sunshine in the protection of a covered run since they do not yet know about the many dangers that are part of chicken life.

One thought on “Vulture & Chickens on Memorial Day

  1. You’re a good hen mummy, my darling Erika. You gave Vulture the best care throughout her life. Love you, Mom


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