60 Days Day 17

I have not posted anything since December 30th, and yet I have the temerity to jump back in here and purport to be continuing my 60 day challenge.  I have some excuses I can offer you, and some of them are even legitimate (such as the flu), but I can’t fill all the space of time with legitimate excuses, so I am going to officially just gloss over it.

I have some extremely valuable advice for you today.

PopcornI have a love of popcorn that borders on the obscene. I don’t think it is just the popcorn; it is the popcorn and real butter and sitting in the dark and the whole movie experience. I love it.  So, on Friday, my husband and I went out on a date.  We had “modern” Mexican food (queso fundido with chorizo, crab guacamole, habanero salsa, chiles rellenos) and I made a huge bag of home made popcorn with real, organic butter on it.  And we went to the movies to see the Oscar winning Best Picture, The Shape of Water.

My first piece of advice is don’t eat what I ate.  I woke up in the morning weighing a whopping 4 lbs more than the previous morning.  Now, I know that this 4 lbs is not fat.  Maybe it was retained water from the sodium.  Maybe it is inflammation. But whatever

shape of water
There is nothing appealing about this…

you do, avoid eating that particular lethal combination of sabateurs.

My second piece of valuable advice:  unless you privately entertained intimate fantasies about the Creature from the Black Lagoon, pass on seeing The Shape of Water.

On a more positive note, I did hit the gym again today for a quick trip on the treadmill.  And I promise to have more to say tomorrow 🙂


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