Palm Oil: Heart of Darkness

This is an excellent article on the impact of palm oil production on our world. In addition to driving multiple species to extinction, including the Sumatran orangutan, elephant, and tiger, all of which are critically endangered, as well the endangered Bornean orangutans and pygmy elephants, the massive deforestation of rain forest to convert it to palm oil crops is contributing significantly to climate change. We are literally killing ourselves along with them.

Doc Antle's Tiger Tales

RSF Orangutan ©Rare Species Fund

The Horror of Palm Oil Production
Fires raging across much of Borneo and Sumatra devour vast amounts of Indonesian rainforest. These fires which are now out of control, are believed to have been set intentionally by companies seeking to clear land for the lucrative production of palm oil crops. Unfortunately, approximately 50% of everyday products used in the west today, contain palm oil.

Habitat for thousands of species, including critically endangered Sumatran tigers, orangutans and rhinos, is engulfed in flames at the rate of about one million acres annually— deforestation on a cataclysmic scale for the purpose of unsustainable palm oil production.

Unless this ecological apocalypse is arrested, the biodiversity of the Indonesian rainforest, and all of the hope for our future that it represents, could be lost in our lifetime.

— a·poc·a·lypse
1. the complete final destruction of the world.
2. an event involving destruction…

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